Joint It Pavement Jointing Mortar

Joint-IT Simple – a ready-mixed paving jointing compound now widely available in the UK.

Joint-It Simple – not available under any other name.  We don’t manufacture for anyone else.

Manufactured by paving contractors for paving contractors and landscapers, Simple’s cement-free formulation, designed for use in all weathers, replaces traditional mortars and grouts with a more modern and efficient product, but don’t just take our word for it…

Joint-It Simple is a ready-mixed, permeable, jointing compound that can be applied in all weathers.

Joint-It Simple can be applied to Concrete Paving Slabs, Cobbles, and Natural Stones including – Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Slate, Concrete Slabs, Yorkstone, and Porcelain tiles.

Joint-It Simple is available in 3 paving-friendly colours.

Follow Our Step by Step Application Guide

Step 1: Preparation

Make sure all joints are clear of any dirt, oil, grease and debris.

Make sure all joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 20mm and a width of at least 3mm.

Step 2: Pre-wet

Soak the area well prior to opening and spreading Joint-It Simple.

Step 3:  Pour

Open the tub and immediately pour Joint-It Simple onto the area.

Step 4 : Work-it-in

Using a squeegee or street broom, spread Joint-It Simple evenly.

Work-it-in so that it goes deeply into the joints and is well compacted.

Step 5: Add more water

Add more water sparingly to help Joint-It Simple flow into the paving joints.

Work diagonally across the joints to make sure that Joint-It Simple has penetrated all of the paving joints.

Step 6: Final Cleaning

Clean the surface carefully with a fine-hair broom so that all Joint-It Simple is removed.

Always sweep diagonally across the joints.

Any residual materials can be swept off after application using a soft broom.